Contactless Payment is a new feature that will soon be introduced on payment cards to make purchases quicker and more convenient for both retailers and consumers. For transactions of £10 or less customers will simply hold their contactless card up to a secure reader to make their payment.

Paypass Approved Contactless LAKS Smart Transaction Watch

Other form-factors are also able to be used for contactless payment. The Contactless LAKS Smart Transaction Watch, for example, can be used just like a contactless card for making a payment.

Contactless Payment cards are be secured by the same advanced technology that underpins chip and PIN. Though the card would not usually require a PIN to be entered, from time to time a chip and PIN transaction will be requested. This is designed to deter fraudulent use should the card be lost or stolen; each time a PIN is used it re-affirms that the cardholder is in possession of their card.

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